Coral Cartography Inspiration Bag

March 10, 2005

And as the wind howls, the feeling is that all is lost.  You have lost your way on your path, life is not working, and you have lost your hope.  You have lost your faith in something larger than yourself, your little inner voice says “it works for other people, but it is not going to work for me.” And, you have lost your trust.  But fear not Dear One, life does have a purpose, there is light at the end of the tunnel; you have just lost your focus.  Within this Inspiration Spirit bag lies the map to return to your faith, hope, and trust.  The key is to remember that you do not see the big picture.  You only see a small portion of reality, the portion that says your ship is sinking.  You don’t see the wondrous ship just below the horizon, that is winging its way to put you back on course.  This ship is bigger and grander than the one slowly disappearing beneath your feet.  Often there must be a death to make room for a re-birth.  You are in that time before birthing, when chaos rules.  Now is not the time to loose hope, just hours before the dawn.  Look for the numerous little miracles all around you.  Know that you are eternal, and although you may chose to experience suffering, your eternal being can not be harmed.  Open yourself to feel this experience.  Out of chaos comes remarkable creation.  Ride the flow.  Trust your inner being, your inner voice.  It has been here before.  The little voice of the ego, full of fear and foreboding, is afraid of the change that comes with the changing of the ships.  If fears the change of the sinking ship, and it fears the change of the new ship in the distance.  Fear asks you to contract, to shrink away from the challenge of becoming who you were meant to be.  Thank the Fear for announcing the on coming change, and then dismiss it.  Things are just as they were meant to be.  They will happen regardless of your being wrapped in a shroud of fear, or being wrapped in the light of the transfigured being that you are becoming.  Drop your shroud of fear, ask to be dismembered, and transfigure into your true being.

Wear this Inspiration Spirit bag to help you remember to see the divinity in all things.  The map out of the chaos, is through the chaos as your transfigured shelf.  Use this bag as a reminder that things are not always what the seem.  And when you are feeling lost and lonely, call to the spirit of this bag for inspiration. back