Swallow Tail Dream Spirit Bag

September 23, 2005

And as I lay dreaming, I dreamt of a beautiful garden.  I found myself sitting on a bench in the mid-day sun, watching a butterfly dance on the morning breeze.  And she would float away, and the breeze would bring her back to dance once more with the flowers swaying gently in front of me.  Her movements had a hypnotic quality, and I found myself dancing with her, on the morning breeze.  We moved along effortlessly, first this way, and then that.  I could feel the warmth of the sun upon my face; I could taste the flowers’ nectar upon my tongue.  And in the near distance, I heard the faint tinkling of bells, faery bells.  I looked down at my hands, and found I was wearing black velvet gloves.  I looked down at my feet, and found I was wearing black velvet slippers.  I wore a gown of yellow and black as I danced on the wind.  And I found myself drifting towards the tinkling of the bells.  As the breeze brought me closer, the tinkling got louder, until I was floating over an enchanted pond.  And floating upon the pond was a wondrous white swan.  On the swan’s back sat the butterfly that had so enchanted me.  And as I watched her, she began to change form, until I could see the beautiful form of a faery princess.  She wore a gown of yellow and black, and black velvet slippers.  Her gown glittered in the sun lit morning.  She beckoned me to come join her on the swan.  And as I settled next to her, I realized that we wore very similar gowns.  “Yes,” she said, “we are sisters, you and I.  You are also of the faery realm, and a friend to all beings.  We are here to bring joy and laughter to this world.  We are here to demonstrate to this world how to ‘lighten up’ and fly; how to ‘enlighten’ and soar.  You were able to find your faery wings, when you stopped to watch the butterfly dance on the wind.  You became so absorbed in my dance, that you forgot about all earthly things.  You released your burdens for the moment, and found your own wings.  So, as you do, so will you teach.  As you learn to let go and live in the moment, you will teach others by your action.  Do you realize that the only time that is real, is in the moment?  You can not really live in the past or the future.  By living in the moment, you will embrace life itself, and you will find your laughter and your joy.  I am here to help you remember how to live life moment by moment.  Call to me, and I will help you transform and find your wings again.”

Wear this Dream Spirit bag to help you remember that life is but a dance: and in the moment you will find joy and laughter.  Unburden yourself, and find your wings.  You were meant to fly.  And call to your sister, the butterfly faery princess, and she will help you remember to live the moment, and she will help you to fly.